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Mouse IVF Products

• Get a free hard copy of Nakagata's Reproductive Engineering Techniques in Mice Technical Manual to accompany your mouse IVF work with KYD and CSR IVF products. Free shipping included.

• Order $500 or more of ampouled products and receive a Qlicksmart SnapIT Lite: the smart and safe way to open glass ampoules is an easy-to-use tool from Australia! Click here for an easy list of (mostly) ampouled IVF products.

Cusabio ELISA kits

• Try before you buy! All 9000 Cusabio ELISA kits are available as a 24T test kit for $150 each (shipping not included).  Only one 24T trial size kit can be applied for each product for single customer. No limit on number of products to try! Offer is not available on website, so please contact us by phone (760-431-4600), fax (760-431-4604), or email ( to place your order.

Exosome Antibodies by Cosmo Bio

• 20% off Cosmo Bio's versatile, exclusive, patented anti-human exosome marker monoclonal antibodies: CD9, CD63, and CD81 (April - July 2018). Discount will appear in cart.

Collagen IV Antibodies by Cosmo Bio

• 10% off Cosmo Bio's Collagen IV antibodies--including our popular Collagen IV cocktail (clones H53, B51, H25) as well as newly released monoclonal antibodies (clones H25, B51, H52, H53) (June - September 2018)