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July 2013 New Products  
Glycobiology Glycobiology & Extracellular Matrix  
  Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate E (Squid Cartilage)  
antibody Antibodies  
  Anti human CD44 v9 rat mAb (cancer stem cell marker)
  Anti mouse CD44 v10-e16 rat mAb (cancer stem cell marker)  
  Anti mouse NBR1 polyclonal (protein degradation)  
  Anti mouse AIM rat mAbs, apoptosis inhibitor of macrophages  
  Anti mouse TBC1D1 (TBC1 domain family member 1) polyclonal  
Cell + Tissue Culture Cell Culture  
  COSMEDIUM 009X for insect cell culture  
  Calcification Evaluation Set
  Calcified Nodule Extraction Solution
  Alizarin Red Solution  

June 2013 New Products  
ELISA and other Assays  
  GIP (Active, 1-42) ELISA, mouse  
  D-Serine Colorimetric Assay  
  Surfactant Protein D (SP-D) ELISA, rat/mouse  
Molecular Biology and Proteomics  
  SimaSima molecular weight protein ladders, prestained and unstained  
  Recombinant HbsAg with high antigenicity (HBsAg-XT)  
antibody Antibodies  
  Anti soybean ATG8i (autophagy, plant LC3 homolog)  
  Anti soybean/tomato SOS3/CBL4 (calcium regulation, plant CBL homolog)  

May 2013 New and Featured Products  
ELISA and other Assays  
  GIP (Active, 1-42) ELISA, human  
  GIP (Active, 1-42) ELISA, rat  
  Human Growth Hormone (1-43) ELISA  
Photometric Glucose Uptake Assay  
  Prorenin (open form) ELISA, human  
Luciferase FM - increased luminescense firefly luciferase for ATP detection  
Luciferase FM PLUS - reagent set for ultra-high sensitivity ATP detection  
Cell + Tissue Culture Cell Culture  
  KM Banker - freeze cells without serum, store without liquid nitrogen  
  Rat Visceral Adipocyte Culture Kit  
  Alginate 3D Cell Culture Kit  
Molecular Biology and Proteomics  
  1st Strand cDNAs for normal and diseased tissues  
  CloverDirect tRNA Reagents for Site-Directed Protein Functionalization  
Glycobiology Glycobiology  
  GlyScope Series; Useful for research of sugar chain  
  Lectin - useful for research of the sugar chain   
antibody Antibodies  
  Anti Human CD9 monoclonal (for Exosome Isolation), Clone 12A12  
  Anti Human CD63 monoclonal (for Exosome Isolation), Clone 8A12  
  Anti Human CD81 monoclonal (for Exosome Isolation), Clone 12C4  
  Anti Rat Surfactant Protein D monoclonal, Clone 12A2  
  Anti Mouse DICER1 polyclonal  
  Anti-Human CDT2 - a DCX E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase complex adapter  
Biochemicals and Enzymes Biochemicals and Enzymes  
L-Glutamate Assay Kit II  
L-Glutamate Oxidase (recombinant)   


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  First Choice for
Research Kinase Inhibitors
  Cosmo Bio USA Represents Ubiquigent in North America

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  Density Gradient Media

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  Clone 2H8!
The mAb to remember for
DYKDDDK epitope tag detection.

2H8 anti-FLAG
  Make your expressed protein go

Auxin inducible
Degron System


Fluorescent Bone Resorption assay

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Glucose Uptake Assay


  Cell-able spheroid plate  

Pinpoint Protein Functionalization


aminoacyl tRNAs


Systemic or Localized
siRNA Deliver
in Live Animals







cell free
protein synthesis



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