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  Cosmo Bio USA (Carlsbad, CA) is North America's source for the wide selection of unique and routine research biotools consolidated from across Japan by the Export Division of our parent company, Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd., (Tokyo, Japan).


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New Antibodies (March 2016)

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Host Antigen
X-react Clone Applications Size

Cat No
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Cosmo Bio USA Price
Anti BP180 type XVII Collagen MS HU HU C34 WB IF IP 500UL CAC-NU-01-BP2 $442
Anti Dock3 RAB MS     WB IHC 50UL COP-COP-080064 $552
Anti Histone H3 K9Ac RT HU HU MS RT MKY HAM 2G1F9 WB IC IHC(f) ChIP 100UL CAC-CE-037A $640
Anti Keratin 8 chain MS RAB HU RAB RL273 WB IF 500UL CAC-NU-01-KE8 $442
Anti Laminin (GAMMA)2 chain MS BOV HU BOV YN557 WB IF IP 500UL CAC-NU-01-LA2 $442
Anti LAT1-CD98 RT HU HU RH01 IF FC 50UG CAC-LKGM004 $552
Anti LAT1-CD98 RT HU HU RH01 IF FC 100UG CAC-LKGM005 $883
Anti Plectin MS HU HU RT RAB POR PN753 WB IF IP 500UL CAC-NU-01-PLN $442
Anti Plectin MS HU HU MS BOV RAB POR PC742 WB IF IP 500UL CAC-NU-01-PLC $442
New (March 2016)
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Size Cat No
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Cosmo Bio USA Price
New for Glycobiology      
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate A (Whale Cartilage) 3 mg CSR-NACS-A2(WHC)3 $243
  10mg CSR-NACS-A2(WHC)10 $662
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate C (Shark Cartilage) 3 mg CSR-NACS-C2(SHC)3 $243
  10 mg CSR-NACS-C2(SHC)10 $662
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate E (Squid Cartilage) (VALUE PAK) 100 mg CSR-NACS-E2(SQC)100 $5,622
Sodium Dermatan Sulfate (Pig Skin) 3 mg CSR-NADS-B2(PGS)3 $287
  10 mg CSR-NADS-B2(PGS)10 $806

Sodium Heparan Sulfate, Fluoreceinamine

1 mg CSR-FAHS-P2(PGK)1 $486
Sodium Keratan Sulfate (Shark Cartilage) 1 mg CSR-NAKPS2(SHC)1 $331
  3 mg CSR-NAKPS2(SHC)3 $904
Sodium Keratan Sulfate (Nasal Cartilage) 1 mg CSR-NAKS2(PNC)1 $331
  3 mg CSR-NAKS2(PNC)3 $904
New Assays      
L-Glutamate Assay Kit YAMASA NEO 1KIT YMS-80128 $475
New for Cell Culture      
Astrocyte Culture Kit 1SET PMC-AST02-COS $958
New for PCR      
KOD SYBR qPCR Mix 3*1.67ML TYB-QKD-201 $412
New for Cell Biology      
ERAI ER Stress Detector 5UG KAL-STDTC-1 $1,379
ERAI ER Stress Detector HD 5UG KAL-STDTC-2 $1,379
OKD Oxidative Stress Detector 5UG KAL-STDTC-3 $1,379
New Hardware      
Thermostable Cell Transporter, K-type 5 1SET PMC-TCT-K05-COS $536
Thermostable Cell Transporter, K-type 5, Plastic Box 1SET PMC-PCT-K05-COS $796
Thermostable Cell Transporter, K-type 20 1SET PMC-TCT-K20-COS $536
Thermostable Cell Transporter, K-type 20, Plastic Box 1SET PMC-PCT-K20-COS $796



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UV-Induced DNA Damage

Enzymatic L-Glutamate Assay
NEW! Protein Glycation Assays
Photometric Glucose Uptake


L-Glutamate Oxidase
Labiase (lyses Gm(-) bacteria




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