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About Cosmo Bio USA

Company Overview:

Cosmo Bio USA provides quality life science products from leading Japanese manufacturers, to laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout North and South America.  We take pride in that our products fill a current need for hard to find reagents and instruments, while being created under the meticulous care of Japanese scientists and researchers. By maximizing our distribution ability and cooperative effort with our headquarters in Tokyo, we uphold the commitment and responsibility befitting that of a company trusted by its valued customers. We also provide a unique selection of items from the UK, Norway, and China.

Management Team:

President and Chief Executive Officer: Haruhisa Sakurai, Ph.D.
Vice President & Managing Director: Edward M. Rosen
Manager, Customer Support:  Sabrina Selway

Corporate Beliefs:

(1) Contributing to the progress and development of life sciences:
We take pride in connecting researchers with the tools they need to continue their important work developing new products, improving health and saving life.

(2) The commitment to offering the highest level of customer service:
When you need to call us with a question about our products, you will always speak to a real person. No automated answering services, long hold times, or frustrating transfers from department to department. If you have a problem with your order, we will do everything in our power to make it right.

(3) Maintain an efficient and mobile work force:
By keeping a limited staff proficient in a multitude of tasks, we stay as flexible as possible to meet the ever changing needs of our customers, while preserving the bridge to our headquarters and manufacturers throughout Japan.

Company History:

April, 1986: Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd was established
September, 2000: Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd separated from Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. through a management buy-out (MBO)
October, 2004: Established Cosmo Bio USA, Inc. office in Carlsbad, CA
September, 2005: Initial Public Offering for Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd in the Japanese Stock Exchange.
January, 2007: Cosmo Bio USA designated as the direct sales, marketing, and customer relations force for Cosmo Bio in North America.