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Mebiol® Gel [ Cat No. MBG-PMW20-1001 ]

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Stem cell and pluripotent stem cell culture, expansion, and differentiation

Spheroid culture

Cell implantation

Organ and Tissue Regeneration

Drug Delivery

Non-cell culture application The thermoreversible gelation polymer, ''Mebiol Gel'' has been developed as proprietary hydrogel. Mebiol Gel has been commercialized as a cell/tissue culture reagent for ES cells, chondrocytes and cancer cells, etc. Mebiol Gel based intralumenal implants are being developed for occlusion of cancerous vascular system and brain aneurism.

Features of Mebiol Gel: An aqueous solution of Mebiol Gel is fluid liquid (sol state) at low temperatures (0C 15C), however, it turns into anelastic hydrogel (gel state) at temperatures higher than room temperature (25C). It is possible to mix it with various drugs or culture medium at the sol state. The sol-gel transformation of Mebiol Gel occurs fully thermoreversible. Elasticity ofthe hydrogel increases with temperature increase and is appropriate for three-dimensional culture of cells /tissues at around 37°C. cells /tissues in the gel is clearly observed through optical microscope during cultivation at 37°C owing to great transparency of Mebiol Gel. Fibroblast is alive but does not grow in Mebiol Gel therefore other aiming cellscan begrown selectively. Cultured cells /tissues can be recovered easily from Mebiol Gel by lowering temperature without any damage on cells /tissues.