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  • Calcified nodule Staining kit

    Calcified Nodule Staining kit Alkaline phosphatase, osteopontin, and osteocalcin are expressedduring the differentiation of bone marrow cells into mature osteoblasts and osteoblasts form calcium tubercle. Alizarin Red S,...

  • M-CSF (Human)
  • Osteoclast Cells (Human)

    Human Osteoclast cells (1.5 x 106cells) PMC-OSCMW-COS and PMC-OSCMH-COS are complete media formulated for optimal culture of human osteoclast in vitro. These are sterile, liquid basal media (α-MEM) which contain...

  • TRAP Staining Kit

    Detection of Osteoclast The TRAP Staining Kit is used for the staining of Tartrate-Resistant Acid Phosphatase in osteoclasts. Bone mass is controlled by the balance between the activity of osteoblasts bone formation and...