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DFFMouse Sperm Cryopreservation & IVF

Fertiup® Mouse Sperm Cryoprotectant: CP

Fertiup® Mouse Sperm Preincubation Media: PM

CARD Medium® for IVF

05-05.jpgCARD HyperOva® for Superovulation 

NameSizeCatalog Number
Fertiup® Cryoprotectant    
Fertiup® Cryoprotectant (CP) 0.5ml KYD-001-05-EX
Fertiup® Cryoprotectant (CP) 5*0.5ml KYD-001-05-EX-X5
Fertiup® Cryoprotectant (CP) 1ml KYD-001-EX
Fertiup® Cryoprotectant (CP) 5*1ml KYD-001-EX-X5
Fertiup®  Preincubation Medium    
Fertiup® Preincubation Medium (PM) 0.5ml KYD-002-05-EX
Fertiup® Preincubation Medium (PM) 5*0.5ml KYD-002-05-EX-X5
Fertiup® Preincubation Medium (PM) 1ml KYD-002-EX
Fertiup® Preincubation Medium (PM) 5*1ml KYD-002-EX-X5
CARD IVF Medium    
CARD IVF Medium 1 kit KYD-003-EX
Fertiup® Preincubation Media/CARD IVF Medium Sets    
FERTIUP® PM 1ML-CARD IVF MEDIUM® set [ Cat No. KYD-004-EX ] 1 set KYD-004-EX
FERTIUP® PM 0.5ML-CARD IVF MEDIUM® Set [ Cat No. KYD-005-EX ] 1 set KYD-005-EX
CARD HyperOva® Superovulation Reagent    
CARD HyperOva® Superovulation Reagent 1ml KYD-010-EX
CARD HyperOva® Superovulation Reagent 5*1ml KYD-010-EX-X5

These reagents will help maintain the safety of your valuable mouse resources.

Mouse strains can be successfully archived using FERTIUP® Mouse Cryoprotectant to cryopreserve sperm in lieu of live mice. This allows us to make massive savings in cost and space required for breeding management. When live mice of a certain strain are required, the cryopreserved spermatozoa are thawed, treated with FERTIUP® Mouse Preincubation Medium and CARD MEDIUM to increase their fertility, and used to fertilize oocytes. The embryos obtained from fertilization can then be transferred into recipient parents to produce the mice required.


 What They Do

FERTIUP® Mouse Cryoprotectant guards against damage to spermatozoa during cryopreservation.



FERTIUP® Mouse Preincubation Medium significantly increases the fertilizing ability of spermatozoa.


HYPEROVA™ Superovulation Reagent induces superovulation to allow collection of up to 80-100 oocytes per treated donor.


CARD MEDIUM works on the zona pellucida of oocytes to make them easier to fertilize.



Examples of Use

 Even strains difficult to obtain via natural crossbreeding can be produced in a short period of time. Treat fresh spermatozoa with FERTIUP® Mouse Preincubation Medium and CARD MEDIUM Medium, perform in vitro fertilization, then transfer the embryo into the female host.


You can also produce mouse pups without a whole male mouse by using just the cauda epididymis from a male mouse delivered to your lab using the CARD Cold Temperature Transport Kit. In this case cauda epididymis spermatazoa are preincubated in FERTIUP® Preincubation Medium before in vitro fertilization with CARD MEDIUM. Embryos so produced are then be transferred a female host.


High fertilization rates can be obtained even in strains with low in vitro fertilization rates (such as 129 and BALB/c) simply by preincubating spermatozoa in FERTIUP® Mouse Preincubation Medium and CARD MEDIUM and performing in vitro fertilization in CARD MEDIUM.


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