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 Human Exosome Antibody Product Flyer
  • Highly sensitive human specifc (no mouse cross-reactivity). US Patent US 9,448,238 B2
  • Isolate nearly all microsomes from a 150 ul sample with as little as 1 ug of antibody.
  • Analyze and characterize exosomes for protein and RNA composition.


NameHostAntigen SpeciesX-reactCloneAppplicationsSize
Anti CD9 [ Cat No. CAC-SHI-EXO-M01 ] MS HU HU 12A12 WB ELISA IP 100 ul
Anti CD9 [ Cat No. CAC-SHI-EXO-M01-50 ] MS HU HU 12A12 WB ELISA IP 50 ul
Anti CD63 [ Cat No. CAC-SHI-EXO-M02 ] MS HU HU 8A12 WB IP 100 ul
Anti CD63 [ Cat No. CAC-SHI-EXO-M02-50 ] MS HU HU 8A12 WB IP 50 ul
Anti CD81 [ Cat No. CAC-SHI-EXO-M03 ] MS HU HU 12C4 WB IP 100 ul
Anti CD81 [ Cat No. CAC-SHI-EXO-M03-50 ] MS HU HU 12C4 WB IP 50 ul
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