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If you arrived at this page by clicking a link while using the Cosmo Bio Tokyo Export Website online shopping system, please note that customers from the USA and Canada must order directly from Cosmo Bio USA (CBU). Our apologies, but the CBU website does not currently support online shopping (coming soon). Therefore, please review the information below for your ordering options. Thank you.

Cosmo Bio USA is responsible for receiving orders, product inquiries, and invoicing customers in the United States of America. We can accept orders by phone, fax or email. If paying by purchase order, we request a net 30 day payment term. If paying by credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If the products you wish to order are not in stock at Cosmo Bio USA, delivery wait times are most often within 14 business days from the date of your order.

Ordering to Cosmo Bio USA indicates acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Old form version in Word document:

Select this form for online ordering using a purchase order number only, (please do not include credit card information). Fax to 760-431-4604 or email to




Newly modified form now available (as fillable PDF):

Select this form for purchase order and/or credit card purchases. Fax to 760-431-4604 or email to

Note: FireFox/Safari users - Download file first to enter information within Acrobat. (form is not directly fillable online as of yet for these browsers.)

-To download - right click pdf image and Select "Save Link As..."

Please Note The Following Special Ordering Instructions:

1. For items with Cat. No.'s begining with "CSB", prepayment by credit card is preferred.

2. To purchase items with a catalog number beginning with "KOU" you must have a valid 16.3 Import Permit issued by the Animal and Plant Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture (APHIS/USDA).

Completing an Import Permit Application and Fees.

You will need a valid "16-3 Import Permit" from the US Department of Agriculture before we can ship your order. Applying is easy but it does take some time. Please allow 3-6 weeks. Permits cost ~$150 for the first year and ~$100 to renew each subsequent year.

Link to APHIS 16.3 permit application.
Link to APHIS 16.3 permit application instructions.

Use this example permit as a guide to completing your application. We recommend to have us review your application before you submit it to APHIS. Please email to us at or call us at 760-431-4600.

How do I submit my permit application?

Email your scanned permit application to:

or post mail to:

4700 River Road, Unit 40
Riverdale, MD 20737

or fax to: 301-734-8226

For any questions you may have have for APHIS, call directly to (301) 851-3300 (option 1).

I submitted my application to APHIS. Now what?

3-4 days after submitting your application, you should recieve a confirming email from APHIS. If not, it's best to call to confirm.

I received my permit. Now what?

You will receive your permit attached to an email. Print and sign your permit. Include a a copy of your permit with your order.

Why do I need a permit?

a) Products with catalog numbers begining with KOU are manufactured by The Koken Company in Japan. Most KOU products contain bovine collagen. The import of collagen and collagen-containing products into the United States is regulated by the US Department of Agriculture, primarily to prevent the spread of BSE throughout US herds. While KOU products containing bovine collagen are produced from animals raised in "BSE Free" countries (i.e., either Australia or New Zealand), the finished product is produced in Japan, a "BSE country". For import purposes then, KOU products are classified as being from a BSE country.

Yes, but why do I need a permit? I'm purchasing from Comos Bio USA in California, not Japan. Right?

The USDA is concerned to know how imported collagen containing products will be used, who is using them, and how they will disposed of. Because Cosmo Bio USA is not an end-user, the APHIS permit issued to us requires that each shipment be accompanied by special documention that is both expensive and time consuming to obtain. On the other hand, permits issued to end users are considerably less restrictive. Thus, while Cosmo Bio USA processes your order, KOU items are shipped directly to end users from our Japan office. This is why we require end users to obtain an import permit.

Please note: when completing Box 4 of the 16-3 Form, the "Shipper Address" should show:

Export Division
Cosmo Bio Co. Ltd.
2-20 Toyo 2-Chome, Koto-ku
Tokyo 135-0016



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