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TR-FRET Microplate reader specifically designed for HTRF®

    Artemis is a high performance but inexpensive microplate reader designed, dedicated and specifically tuned
    for reading assays built on Cisbio’s innovative HTRF® (TR-FRET) assay technology. Read on to find out how Artemis can help you “take the fret out of TR-FRET”.

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i MyRun
Complete electrophoresis system for Nucleic acid applications

The i MyRun is a compact, safe, and easy to use electrophoresis system with a remote controlled power supply.
WIth the included gel casting tray and horizontal chamber, you will be able to run Nucleic Acid applications easier
than ever before!

The power supply delivers consistent voltage and current at your desired settings, digital timer readout, two
power outputs, previous run memory, and a remote control for added convenience.

horizontal chamber includes a vented lid for heat diffusion with a magnetic safety switch, and an easy plug-in
power connector. Also included is the gel casting set with everything you need for HTS applications.

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